2021 Miss America State Field Book Cover
2021 Miss America State Field Book Cover

2021 Miss America State Field Book Cover

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2021 Miss America State Field Book Cover 

Cost is $60 and includes the customized cover for your state, which you will be able to edit before production. (i.e. date, location, price of book, sponsoring organization, etc.). Also included are the files for the inside cover, as well as the inside back cover and back cover. 

NOTE: This is a download/electronic only product. Your customized artwork will be generated and sent to you electronically. If you need printed covers, please contact Kelly Bales directly at 501-624-5333 or email kelly@wheelerprint.com for price quotes.


Before ordering please check with your state printer to provide the print due date for your State Program books and whether they will be either 1) Saddle Stitched or 2) Perfect Bound. Saddle Stitched books are folded and stapled so they do not have a spine. Perfect Bound books are glue bound with a flat spine. The covers for Perfect Bound book can have text printed on the spine.

How to Customize Your State's Cover:

  • Please make sure the email you use to order the covers belongs to the person who will be customizing and approving the cover art. The email from who the order is placed will receive notifications with important instructions. (Please check your junk mail and make sure to add missamericamag.com to your contacts!)
  • Note, that the order for the cover ($60) is for a digital version only. If you need your covers printed and shipped to you, please contact Kelly Bales at (501) 624-5333 for pricing information.
  • Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email (within 3 business days) with a link to log into your account to customize your covers. The username will be the email used to complete the order. If it is a new email address this year, you will be able to set up your password. If you are returning from last year but do not remember your password, simply click the forgot password link to receive an email with a link to reset.
  • Login into your account.
  • Locate your State's Cover that you would like to customize and click the Customize button underneath.
  • These fields require your attention:
    • Date
    • Venue Name
    • City Name
    • Sponsor Information, if any
    • Sale price of your program
  • Replace or delete each field.
    • To replace: Type the correct information into the fields on the left hand side of your screen or directly inside the cover artwork you are customizing.
    • To delete: Select the field on the left hand side of your screen or directly inside the cover artwork you are customizing, and click on the trash/delete icon in the top menu bar, or in upper right-hand corner of the field's dialogue box.
  • Once your edits are complete, you can preview the artwork in the top menu bar OR click 'Continue' to proceed with the completion of your order.
  • Your artwork will be reviewed by Wheeler Print/Source One and a final notification email to Download your high-resolution, print-ready files will be forwarded to the email associated with your account.

Please contact Kelly Bales directly at 501-624-5333 or email kelly@wheelerprint.com for any 2021 State Field Book questions.